The European Medicines Agency (EMA) protects patients to ensure they are safe. The EMA accesses, supervises and monitor medicines before they can appear in hospitals and pharmacies. The agency monitors information on side effects reports from doctors, pharmacists, patients, new clinical studies and new scientific publications. This data will be reviewed by experts in medical safety. If it is found that the medicine has different risks than previously identified they may recommend a range of actions to the European commission. These actions can range from the changing the way the medicine is consumed to the medicine being removed from the market completely. No medicine is deemed 100% safe patients report side effects to their Doctor who reports it to their national medicine authority who then pass the information on to the EMA. For a new medicine to become available, the company must send all available information on how the drug works to the EMA. The agency accesses all the evidence and if the benefits ae greater than the risks, it recommends to the European Commission and the medicine can be marketed in the EU, Iceland, Lichtenstein and Norway. Since its foundation, the European Medicines Agency has given the green light to over 1000 new medicines.

On the 6th May 2019 EMA launched a social media campaign to highlight the process in which the European medicines regulators network keeps medicines available in Europe safe. The EMA will share a series of info cards via Twitter and LinkedIn. The visuals describe the added value of European cooperation in keeping medicines safe, from the pooling of resources to better monitor and analyse safety information across the continent, to raising safety standards and allowing patients to directly report side effects and identify legally operating online pharmacies and retailers.

‘Keeping medicines safe’ is a priority for the EMA, the European Commission and the network of national competent authorities which provides the agency with the best-available scientific expertise in the EU for the regulation of medicines.

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