GDP (Good Distribution Practice) is essential in Radiopharma Clinical Trials because it ensures that the medicinal products being used are of consistent quality and are delivered to the clinical trial site in a safe and secure manner. GDP guidelines are designed to ensure that all aspects of the clinical trial supply chain, from manufacturing to distribution, are carried out in a way that minimizes the risk of product damage, contamination, or adulteration.

Radiopharmaceuticals are a special class of medicinal products that contain radioactive isotopes, and as such, they require additional precautions to be taken during transportation, storage, and handling. Failure to comply with GDP guidelines in Radiopharma Clinical Trials could result in a loss of efficacy, potential harm to patients or trial participants, or damage to equipment or facilities.

In addition to ensuring product quality and safety, adherence to GDP guidelines also helps to maintain the integrity of the clinical trial data. Any deviation from the prescribed storage, handling, or distribution protocols could lead to inconsistent or invalid results, which could compromise the success of the trial.

Therefore, it is crucial to follow GDP guidelines when conducting Radiopharma Clinical Trials to ensure that the product quality, patient safety, and trial integrity are maintained throughout the entire trial process.

In setting up your trial the MIAS team can work with you to validate all elements of your supply chain, via our EU & UK network we can provide customs, importer of record and final mile supply to your trial in addition to QP release.

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