EU member-states have been urged to do more to safeguard the supply of medicines post-Brexit by European pharmaceutical leaders. The European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations called on European leaders to allow medicines and medical devices quality which is tested in the United Kingdom, to be recognised in the European Union. EU leader’s have been asked to prioritise the passage of medicines and pharmaceutical ingredients at borders.

Last August, the British government agreed that medicines and devices approved in one of the remaining member states could continue to be sold in the UK, once it leaves the EU. Although the decision, has yet to be reciprocated. The European Federation stated that two-thirds of pharma companies biggest concern relating to Brexit is border disruption. The president of the federation, Stefan Oschmann said, “Steps should be taken to prioritise medicines, active pharmaceutical ingredients and raw and clinical trial materials”.

EU urged to safeguard post-Brexit medical supplies from UK

Pharma companies have made changes to their product supply chains as the industry prepares for all Brexit eventualities and implications. Mr. Oschmann said how this included stockpiling medicines, duplicating drug testing, transferring licences and making plans to ship drugs to and from the EU on ferries that have been lease by the UK government, through six new port routes.

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