Following the European Medicines Agency leaving its London premises on 1 March, the agency is now operating from Amsterdam. The staff will gradually move into the Spark building in Amsterdam Sloterdijk. The EMA has been working hard with the Dutch authorities to ensure these temporary premises would be ready to move into before 30 March. This is the date the EMA’s seat formally changes from London to Amsterdam. In the meantime, the EMA will operate out of the Spark building until the final, tailor-made premises in Amsterdam Zuidas becomes available.


EMA staff members began to relocate to the Netherlands in summer 2018 and have gradually continued doing so since. The EMA had to consider staff members’ personal situations, flexibility to individuals relocation dates, for example to accommodate schooling, spouse employment or housing situations. It is stated that a total of 350 staff members will have relocated to the EMA Spark building by the 18th March. A number of EMA staff will telework from London to allow them and their families a smooth transition to Amsterdam in the second half of 2019.

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