Custom Clearance and Procurement

Importer of Records and Procurement Services

Our integrated Importation/Importer of Record and Procurement services take the pain away from moving your good in, out and across the EU and UK

As transport and logistics organisations typically are not willing to take title of the pharmaceuticals goods they transport across the EU and the UK, companies that do not have an established presence in the relevant jurisdictions (EU and/or UK), cannot comply with revenue authorities’ regulations.

MIAS Pharma designed an integrated Importation/Custom Clearance and Procurement solution to address this challenge encountered by a number of our customers:

  1. MIAS Pharma can act as Importer and Declarant (also called Importer of Records) on behalf of our customers. Using a customs broker, we can also complete the custom clearance process as part of this service.
  2. With a dedicated Wholesale Distribution Authorisation (WDA) in the UK and Ireland, MIAS Pharma can take ownership of goods, in the context of a flash sale process, until they are acquired by a local distributor or other end customer.
  3. If needed, using our Manufacturer’s Authorisations and our network partners, MIAS can identify and set up a Site of Physical Importation partner for the EU and or the UK. MIAS can provide quality oversight of this partner to ensure regulatory compliance.

What are the benefits linked to this integrated solution?

  1. No need for am established presence for you, our client, in both the EU and the UK.
  2. One stop shop ensuring compliance with both GxP and Revenue Regulations and best practice standards.

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